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Battling Frugality Fatigue– Balance Can Make the Difference

In our modern culture, we are trained to think that we are only having fun when we are spending money, and this mindset is very difficult to break, particularly during the holidays with all of its commercialism and materialism. Given how much that spending less goes against the grain these days, how do you fight the fatigue that frugality inevitably brings? Continue reading

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Let me off this Ship– This Ride is Making me Sick to my Stomach

It’s barely Saturday afternoon, and yet the badgering has already begun.  I mentioned the other day on Facebook about how I have to rid our house of sales papers, lest anyone get any bright ideas on ways to spend money … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle Budgeting

In case that you did not notice it from my last post, I have been in a “financial funk” of sorts as of late.  Well, it is mainly financial, but also spans beyond that to lifestyle. Part of that may … Continue reading

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The New Face of Frugal– Inspiration Comes In Many Different Forms

It is both equally inspiring and disheartening to read the story of this woman Sukhraj Beasla who is pressing on, despite much hardship to her career and finances. After reading this article about her, you can also read her “Eat Suki … Continue reading

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“I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on My Car Insurance…!”

Guess what? I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.  You’re probably like, Okay, how does that matter to me?  I am going to share how I did it, so that you can apply those tips for … Continue reading

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Doing With Less So That You Can Have More

“You can do without the necessities, but you can’t live without the luxuries.”  –Hattie Sederhom, mother of famous actor Alfred Lunt My strategy for savings is simple– I like spending less on the necessities, so that I can spend more … Continue reading

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More Back to School Savvy Tips…

I fail to believe that it is getting so close to the middle of August.  Where did the days go?! Pretty soon I will have to get started on back to school shopping.  If you have not already gotten yours … Continue reading

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Banish The Back To School Budget Blues

August is around the corner, and for many parents, the time has come to begin thinking about back to school shopping.  Unlike a lot of parents, I do not relish the concept of my kids heading back to school for … Continue reading

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Tactical Tips For Taking Trips

Yesterday I posted a blog post about my recollections from our recent summer trip, and about some of the information and interesting things that I learned.  Today I want to talk about some of the things that I learned during … Continue reading

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Savvy Saving For Your Wedding Day

Many people are either getting married during the summer or in the middle of planning a future wedding.  But before you walk down the aisle, take some time to consider how you are spending your money on your wedding.  It … Continue reading

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