Is Google Blog Search New or am I Just Really not Observant?

I was just doing some research work for a couple of articles that are due next week, and I always use Google to search specifically for images. I love that they allow you to search for all results (Everything), or just images, or just news, for example.

As I was doing this, I noticed that it looks like they have a ton more filtering options to search by on the far left hand side of the Google search screen. In particular, I noticed the option to search for ‘Blogs’, which I found so cool and useful. Is this a new feature, or I am just really lacking in the observation department?

I did a little search, and I could not find too much about this feature. However, I did find a specific Google Blog Search page. I had to test it out to determine its integrity, so I searched for keywords “Live Simply.” Indeed a whole bunch of blogs pulled up on the first page of results, including this blog. 😉 Sadly, when doing a generic search for all results, this blog is not listed on the first page of results (yet!).

Well, it appears that this Google Blog Search service has been around since 2005, so apparently I am just late to the party. I think that I may not have noticed it before, because the extra search categories/filters are grouped under ‘More,’ which I must not normally look under (though I do not recall doing that in this situation, either). But regardless, it is a cool little tool if you are specifically looking for targeted search results that focus on blogs.

Enjoy it while it lasts, as according to Wikipedia, it is scheduled to be phased out in May 2014. I hate when you arrive at the party right before it is finishing up.

Truly, you learn something new every day. And today, I actually learned two important things. While doing this blog post, I learned how to take higher quality screen captures. Instead of just clicking the PrtSc button, press the Alt button at the same time. Make sure to save as a PNG or BMP rather than a JPG for a higher quality image. Now if only I can remember those tricks, I will be all set.


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2 Responses to Is Google Blog Search New or am I Just Really not Observant?

  1. Tina B says:

    So funny, today I just noticed that in Google Search if you move your mouse to the right of a listing it brings up an arrow. If you hover on it it shows you the preview of the page before you go there! I’m sure this is something that has been around forever, too!!

    • jllopez1006 says:


      The way that I look at it is that you learn something new everyday. Sometimes you just learn it a little later. 😉

      Have a good day, and thanks for reading!

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