Product Review: De-Stress the Natural Way with Herbs

I recently had the great opportunity to test out some vitamins from  Their website offers a full selection of high-quality bodybuilding supplements, vitamins & minerals, protein supplements, weight loss products, nitric oxide supplements, and recovery supplements from all the top brands at wholesale prices to the general public.

They sent me 2 sample bottles with 5 days worth in each for a total sampling time of 10 days.  The vitamin that they provided was the New Chapter Organics Perfect Calm, a whole-food multi-vitamin for soothing stress support.  New Chapter is a manufacturer of vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements that focus on providing whole food complexes that your body can actually absorb, not the synthetic chemical isolates found in many other similar products. And because they are food, they are gentler on your stomach than other products.  The food sources used in the supplement are also certified organic.

I received the shipment on a Monday, and began taking them on Tuesday. Since I take a number of vitamins daily, I wanted to have a fresh start by only taking these supplements during the trial.  The week that I tried them was very timely, as it was the week of my publication deadline that required me to hand in three articles with photos and captions on Friday.  If that does not say stress, I do not know what does.  So, I figured that it was an ideal time to test them out.

From the first day, I noticed a difference.  Within hours of taking my first 3 pills, I was able to sit down and complete an entire 1,700+ word article that I had been lamenting and stressing over for the last couple of weeks.  The subject matter was difficult for me personally, and I had previously been wondering if I would be able to tackle this article. I suddenly found myself being able to focus on the task at hand, even though one email after another kept coming in during the time. Normally, I bounce from one thing to the next, attacking every email that comes in, and checking numerous websites, but for some reason, I did not feel that was necessary.  At first I did not notice the difference directly, but once I realized that I had finished almost all of the article, I noticed that I had been sitting there serenely and productively for hours with a laser-tight focus normally unknown to me.

Though not as noticeable as the first day, this continued throughout the week, and I was very grateful for it, as it was one of those weeks that I will not soon forget.  Not only did I have a deadline, but I had to deal with difficult people, appointments that I did not prefer, waiting on people for information that I needed, errands, Internet that decided not to function while trying to hand in my completed work, and much to my surprise, a $526 fraudulent credit card charge that had to be dealt with.  If you had caught me only a couple of days before I started the pills, I was a nervous, fried, and agitated mess, even when nothing was really awry.  After the pills, I was able to take everything more in stride– things that normally would bother me did not affect me quite as strongly. Overall, the pills definitely helped to take the “edge off” of life, and its ups and downs.

Other things that I liked about the pills:

  • All organic
  • Can be taken on an empty stomach (I did not try to, but due to the food-like make-up, you are supposed to be able to)
  • Immune support
  • Probiotic/ digestive support— This is a major plus for me!
  • Full list of necessary daily value of essential vitamins and minerals
  • All-in-one— You can take one vitamin, and get everything that you need, versus having to take numerous different vitamins
  • Natural stress and anxiety relief through herbs— I think this is a viable healthy alternative to prescription medications
  • Pills easy to take and no foul smell
  • Gluten free
  • 100% vegetarian

This is definitely a vitamin that I would consider taking on a long-term basis.  Other vitamins you may take because you know mentally that they are doing your body good; this vitamin provides you with both short and long-term results that you will feel in body and mind.

To find out more about Best Price Nutrition, go to their website, blog, or Facebook page.  To find out more about New Chapter Organics, go to their website or Facebook page.  You can find this product, and a full selection of New Chapter supplements at         

Disclaimer: Though provided me with the referenced vitamin samples to use during this product trial, I was not coerced or directed to make the commentary featured above, and all thoughts are completely my own.  Additionally, I was not paid for completing this review.                                    

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