Peek Behind the Curtain: Details on the “Voice” Behind this Blog and Being a WAHM

Hello, all!

Happy Tuesday to you.

Hard to believe, but it is already the middle of October. Where has the time– and the nice weather– gone?!

I wanted to share a little something with you.  Recently, I was asked to do a guest post at Ramblings of a WAHM, a blog run by the super-savvy Allie (yep, that’s her on the right). Her blog is all about working from home and making a living online.  It’s a perfect resource for those who currently work from home or would like to do so.  It’s also a great place for bloggers to commune and learn from each other.

So I had to write a bio or introduction of sorts about me. Tough subject, I tell ya, as regular readers will know that I have never really made this blog focus on me too much. But I did it, and I figured that I would pass it along to you guys, as I know that some of you have been interested to find out more about the “voice” behind this blog.

Working Smarter Everyday Lands Great Success as WAHM– A Guest Post by Jennifer L. Lopez, WAHM, Writer and Blogger

In the post, I share a little of my story, and through it an example of how you can start working from home legitimately.  It is difficult to provide generic “tips,” since everyone’s situation varies, and therefore there are many different paths. But I tried to let readers into my world a bit, so that they can take what they can from my situation as a WAHM.

Happy reading!  Make sure to comment below on this post or on the post on Allie’s website with your thoughts.  And while you are at, don’t forget to check out more about her blog on the home page, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

About JLLopez1006

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4 Responses to Peek Behind the Curtain: Details on the “Voice” Behind this Blog and Being a WAHM

  1. AllieRambles says:

    Yep. I got Jennifer to open up a bit! LOL. What did I find out? She’s like you and me. And she is a driven women. I love that combination.

    She has given me inspiration to work smarter and not give up. She also gave me ideas to how to earn more online as a WAHM.

    Thanks Jennifer for the GP and come back anytime you like to write again.


    • jllopez1006 says:


      Thanks for your comment. Indeed, I am normal– too normal. Perfectly imperfect is actually what I like to call it.

      I am sure that you have A LOT more to teach me, and that is why I love your blog! 🙂

      Thanks again.

      Have a good evening.


  2. I’ve noticed that the bio or ‘about me’ page is often the first think people read when they arrive at a site. By the way, I love your blog design – very fresh!

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