Boost Your Chances of Snagging A Job In One Swift Step

I have been exploring the job market for basically the totality of 2011.  And I have discovered pretty much the same thing that many other unemployed or underemployed individuals have– the job market is very difficult right now, and is not really showing any sign of getting better anytime soon (have you heard the latest job report of no new jobs in August?!).

Hint: Maybe writing this message in an alternate language next time may help...

Additionally, the job market has changed a lot in the past few years– the rules are quite different, and what worked before may not work now.  What’s this about sending a “thank you” after being interviewed within a day or less?  Call me antiquated, but this seems bizarre and a little overbearing to me, not to mention potentially forced.  Why not just do this if you so feel inclined or it feels appropriate to the situation rather than as a matter of course? While muddling through the job market, I have learned some things– most of all, that I have no idea what is going on in the job market these days–but one truth seems to have surmounted from the whole mess.

Here’s the secret: There is a distinct and growing demand for bilingual individuals when its comes to hiring these days.  Now it is helpful to know French and Chinese, but in particular, employers are looking for employees that can speak Spanish. With populations of people from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba growing, not to mention from other Central American and European countries, the need for Spanish-speaking employees to communicate with them has steadily increased.

This fact irks me in particular.  “Why?,” you may ask.  Being multi-cultural myself, I never learned Spanish as a child, when it would have been ever so much easier.  I picked up bits and pieces over the years while conversing via mail with relatives, and then through classes in high school and college.  When people ask me if I can speak Spanish, I say, “No, but when in a group of white people, I am better off than the average white person.”  When Spanish-speaking people asking me if I speak Spanish, depending on the day I may respond, “Muy poquito,” (meaning: very little), which normally gets me by, because if the person knows a little English, they normally feel comfortable enough to try their English with me, since we are both handicapped in different ways (though, normally, I am shamed to admit, their English is better than my Spanish!).

I have gotten jobs where Spanish was preferred or required, and I have done my best to work around my lack of knowledge in the language.  As mentioned, in the absence of someone who is fluent, I can attempt to fill in (and have many times).  But, oh the jobs that I could get if I really knew the language (not to mention, places that I could live)!  I was just turned down for a dream job that I could have possibly had a better shot of getting if I was bilingual.

So, I know very little of what is going on in the job market, other than if you are English/ Spanish bilingual, this is a guaranteed way to dramatically increase your chances of snagging that dream job. Though you will find the bilingual emphasis greater in some areas of the country than others, I find jobs everywhere where being bilingual is either required or preferred for the ideal candidate (just saw one yesterday in Massachusetts, which surprised me).  Whether it be an office job, sales job, or teaching job, being bilingual can give you the upper hand over other applicants.

That is why I was so excited when I saw today’s Groupon:

Groupon– $98 for Online Spanish Course from Futura Language Professionals – Redeem From Home ($264 value)

This deal is valid for the following courses:

  • Spanish for Educators
  • Spanish for Manufacturing
  • Spanish for Public Safety
  • Spanish for Healthcare
  • Spanish for Hospitality
  • Workplace Spanish courses

Because the courses are designed for busy adults, you are supposed to be able to complete it at your own pace and in your own time, and the individual classes are targeted for usefulness in work settings.  If you have checked out the prices of Rosetta Stone, you will see why this is a good deal.  And since it appears that you have online access, you may not have to download any software from CDs.  This deal is only good for 2 days, so time is of the essence to buy, though you can use the Groupon until 02/07/2012.

If you are looking for a way to boost your chances in this trying job market and are tired of being passed up, consider going bilingual by giving it a try with this fabulous deal.  We plan to!

NOTE: If anyone bought the Groupon for the online Spanish course from Futura Language Professionals, and you are having problems registering using the discount, please contact Futura directly for help: 800-979-0789. I could not find a place to enter the code, so I called them, and I was pleased to receive such quick and friendly service that resolved the issue. 🙂

"Here, we speak Spanish!" -or- "We speak Spanish here!"

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