Just How Clean Are Your Machines?

For those that have been Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy readers for a while, you will remember the post called, “I Can See Clearly Now” from October 2010 (if not, go read it later).  In it, I disclosed my discovery of Lemi Shine as the solution to my problems with hard water, and its ill effects on my dishes.

After using Lemi Shine for months now, I can honestly say that this product still has my vote of confidence, and I have grown to like it more and more with use.  When I run out and try to do even one load of dishes without it, the horrible white residue starts reappearing on my dishes, so I know that it definitely works.  I was even able to buy new silverware without having to worry that it would look awful after a few uses.

So you can imagine my joy when I was offered the opportunity to try another one of Lemi Shine’s products—the Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner.  This product is made for use in your dishwasher, washing machine, and garbage disposal.  Trying out this product was perfect, because I have been in need of something to clean out my smelly washing machine.  Even though I try to leave the lid open in between loads, it always seems to smell so moldy.

I used the Machine Cleaner on two separate occasions in my washing machine, leaving it “soaking” once for about 3 hours, and the next time overnight.  It seemed to help some with the smell.

I also used some in my garbage disposal.  I like to clean the disposal from time to time, since it is prone to getting stinky from old food.  I occasionally buy a cleaner or use fresh lemon when I have it, so this was a good alternative.  It was quick to do, and I liked that a little while later, it still smelled good down there.

Here’s What I Liked about Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner:

  • Fresh Smell—This product has a great lemon smell to it.  Actually, it is so good that it reminds me of Lemonheads candy.  I am not embarrassed to admit that I had to fight myself from testing to see if it also tasted like Lemonheads—that’s how enticing the scent is.  Needless to say, probably best to keep it out of reach away from kids and pets, lest they decide to do a taste test. 😉
  • 1 Product for 3 Purposes—I usually buy a product to clean the dishwasher and a product to clean the garbage disposal.  And I was getting ready to purchase a product to clean the washing machine.  This product does it all, so there is no need to get 3 different products.
  • Individual Packets—I love the easy-to-use and store packets.  No need to measure or worry about powder spilling all over!
  • Price—This product is priced very reasonably.  Only $3.00 for a box that contains 3 single-use packets when you purchase it from the Envirocon website.
  • Environmentally & Human Friendly—Their products are made with all natural ingredients, so they are better for the environment and for us.

Check out this cool reusable bag that they sent me with the sample. I love the removable firm bottom that makes it capable of holding heavy loads.

I was glad to find another Lemi Shine product that I liked so well.  I buy my Lemi Shine from my local Wal-Mart, but if you cannot find their products at your local store, you can purchase them from their website.  And make sure to request Lemi Shine at your local retail location, as well as to the manufacturer Envirocon.  The manufacturer Envirocon even has product request forms on their website  that you can print, fill out, and submit to the store manager at your favorite store to say that you want to see Lemi Shine carried there.

How cute is this T-shirt, huh?! It is really comfy, too, and washes well, because it is made by American Apparel. These are available for sale for only $8 under 'Merchandise' on the Envirocon website.

They even have their cool logo on the back of the T-shirt, too.

The next thing that I want to try is the Lemi Shine Rinse.  The last time that I went to Wal-Mart, I was happy to see that they started carrying the Rinse as well as the original powder, so the next time that I need to buy a dishwasher rinse, I will be trying that.  Just a FYI: When you place an online order on the Envirocon website, you get a FREE sample of Lemi Shine Rinse.

You can get a sample of this FREE with any order!

Do you have hard water?  Would you like to try a sample of Lemi Shine to see the magic for yourself?  If so, sign up at the link below to get a sample of your own.

FREE Lemi Shine Samples Sign Up

If you do try samples or buy any of the Lemi Shine products, please do comment, and let me know what you think about it.

Here’s to clear dishes and clean machines!

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