Keepin’ It Fresh With Freshology!

It’s been so long that I almost wondered if I remember how to write a blog post on my own blog after completing so much writing for clients, but hopefully I will get through it without any major mishaps.

I just have to mention this lovely weather that we have been having, at least where I am.  60 degrees today– surely spring is on the way!  If you talk to me next week and suddenly there is snow on the ground again, I am sure my optimism will not be so high. 🙂

I recently received a great opportunity to try out a service/ product for free for 3 days. This product/ service was from Freshology, a company that provides chef-created meal solutions for people who are looking to eat healthy and/ or lose weight.  For those that are familiar with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, it is similar to that, except the food is a definite step up from the previous.

Here are some things that I really liked about the program:

  • The meals were fresh, not frozen. Upon delivery, I just put them in the fridge, and I could easily take them out when it was time to eat.  I tried the GetSlim Gold program, which consists of fresh foods.  The GetSlim Silver does consist of flash frozen foods, which can be convenient in a couple of different ways.
  • The customer service was outstanding. The two gals that I came into contact with went way above and beyond standard customer service.  I noticed that the Creative Director had the following quote in her email signature: “What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Seeing this quote explained a lot, because I was struck at how truly nice she was.  I also worked with the Customer Service Manager, and she was wonderful as well.
  • The meals were packaged for easy transportation. If I needed to take it with me to work or elsewhere, all I would have to do is grab and go!
  • I loved the daily menu plans that clearly say what you are supposed to eat for the day.  Everything is color and number-coded as well.  The menu plans also include nutritional information and symbols to show you whether you eat the meal cold or warmed up.
  • I did not feel like I was starving!  They gave ample amounts of various foods for each meal, including condiments, sauces, and dressings. They even provided dessert for each evening, like Tiramisu in a chocolate cup and Smores (yum!).  I know their focus is on portion control, but with meals that are pre-made like this, it really takes your mind off worrying about portion control.  Also many of the foods that they gave were surprisingly filling.
  • Freshology focuses on variety.  They have a 45-day cycle that ensures that you do not eat the same exact meal again for 45 days (for those that cook, you know how hard that is to do!).  For people like me that would prefer to dine out whenever possible, this is ideal, because it is gives me the variety and excitement that I need.
  • The containers could go right in the microwave for easy, quick heating.
  • The website has a ton of information, including FAQ’s and personalized user account.
  • It was very simple to recycle almost all of the containers that were used for shipment and food storage.  I am a recycling freak, so this was a big plus. Freshology as a company places a strong importance on being environmentally friendly.
  • Sometimes meals combined both cold and hot items, and it was pretty simple to cut the tray apart to allow one to be warmed up without the other.  The trays made the usage of plates pretty unnecessary.

Everything was packed really nicely for shipment. Unlike other cold shipments that I have received, they use more natural ways of keeping food cold other than dry ice. The cooler can be recycled or reused. The cold packs can be cut open and water emptied out, and they are non-toxic.

Here is 3 days worth of Freshology meals. As you can see, everything is packaged very nicely. This would make a "brown bag lunch" really easy for work situations.

I figured that this would be a good opportunity for somebody unbiased to try out their food, since I am just a normal eater– I don’t eat the best stuff, and I don’t eat the worst stuff.  I am not one of those people who eats all organic or all vegetarian or has any food allergies.  I think that having an eater like me try their meals is a great way to get an objective opinion.

Here are some things that I did not like so much:

  • The cost of the program can be a little prohibitive for the budget conscious.  It runs about $45 per day for all meals, plus dessert.  But if you normally eat out, don’t like to cook, or buy a lot of expensive, healthy foods anyways, it still might be worth the money.
  • Some of the foods were items that I was just not used to eating.  Obviously this was more of a personal problem than anything else.
  • A couple of meals were just very plain, particularly the dinners that had just meat and veggies.
  • If you are a carbohydrate lover, they do not provide many of them to love, particularly in the way of pasta or rice.  I think that is for the obvious reason, because the program is formulated for weight loss or maintenance, and carbohydrates are not very conducive to that goal.
  • The breakfast meals were an adjustment for me, because normally all I eat is cereal, and they provided full meals with eggs, meat, fruits, veggies, and more.  It was just more of a hardy meal than I am accustomed to.
  • As the person who cooks in the household, it was sometimes a little awkward to be required to plan meals and cook when you already had your own meal ready and waiting.

Everything was good about this lunch meal: Asian Beef Salad with Carrots, Napa Cabbage, & Ginger Soy Dressing. The meat was seasoned wonderfully; they had some great cherry tomatoes in there; and the dressing was fantastic!

I really loved this breakfast meal: French Toast with Raspberry Compote and Turkey Bacon. Everything was top-notch, and they even provided the syrup! It was definitely restaurant quality food in the comfort of your home.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Freshology program to those that are looking to eat healthier meals, even on the go, and to those looking to lose or maintain their weight.  It would also be a great option for those that are unable to cook or obtain groceries needed to make meals, like senior citizens or those with handicap limitations.  Freshology even has a special program for women that have recently had a baby, so that they can focus on getting their shape back.  It is nice to know that there are meal programs like Freshology out there that provide quality gourmet meals that are portable, healthy, and diverse.

If you would like to try Freshology out for yourself, they have a promo running right now that if you order 14 days of their GetSlim Gold program, you can get FREE shipping when you use promo code FREESHIPGEB311 thru 03/22/2011 (handling charges still apply).

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