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“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” –Abraham Lincoln

Opportunity Awaits...

Good evening, all.

Last week, I spent a good deal of time trying to find out more about new survey opportunities.  I am a long-time member of numerous survey websites, but I am always looking for new and better opportunities, especially after losing one of my best resources SurveySpot (to catch up on that one, make sure to read my previous post: “A Word of Warning to the Wise…).

PineCone Research gets good reviews from its members

One of the most prestigious and highly recommended survey companies that you hear about is PineCone Research.  However, it is also one of the most elusive, and it can be very difficult to even get the opportunity to join.  The reason is that PineCone Research does not allow general sign-ups on their website; rather, they have carefully placed ads from time to time on various websites that will allow them to add consumers to their survey base that fit the criteria that they need.  They take registrations for a short time via those ads, and later disable the link, making it impossible to sign up.  If you do a search online, you will see a lot of other individuals looking for these hard-to-find ads.

At the time of my search, all ads and links that I came across were unusable, and I hit a dead-end.  So I decided to get in touch with the main contact at the survey company via email.  I had heard good reviews about her customer service and direct interaction with panel members, so I hoped that she might steer me in the right direction.  “Ask and you shall receive”– right? 🙂  It worked recently when I did something similar to find out how to join an exclusive, invitation-only panel, so I figured that I would give it a try.  It certainly could not hurt.

True to her reputation, she responded promptly the very next day via email.  But unfortunately, not with what I wanted to hear, but rather, with what I already knew:

I wrote: “I am interested in becoming a member of your research panel, and would like to find out how.

Thank you in advance.”

She replied: “Thank you for your e-mail!  We have made the decision not to accept
recruits through general referrals, nor will we be posting recruitment
on our website. We will be posting banner ads on various unspecified web
sites from time to time throughout the year. This is so we may better
target more specific groups needed to meet the needs of our clients.
Unfortunately, this is our only way of accepting new panelists at this


Excuse me while I bang my head on this wall...again....

Dead end again.  I kept the email, kicking myself in the behind, because after all of my research, I eventually recalled times in which I had received emails probably from Inbox Dollars or some other group encouraging me to join PineCone Research, but since I was unfamiliar with it, I opted not to.  Now, an invitation was nowhere in sight, and I felt increasingly more urgent that this was the place to be ,and I had to get there!

Tonight I felt curious and thought I would waste my time doing yet another search for PineCone Research ads.  I went to a website that I had went to last week only to find the sign-up link disabled.  However, this time, I clicked on it, and it did not present me with an error message.  Instead it took me to the PineCone Research sign-up page!  I felt that surely my eyes must be fooling me–that this was too good to be true.  I was able to complete the sign-up, and received the following confirmation page:

Thank You for Signing Up!

You are now on your way to becoming a PineCone Research Panelist! If you qualify, you will receive an email in a few days which will include your own unique Household ID number and password.  Then you are ready for your first survey!

So, what is my point?  Well, so excited was I about this prospect that I had to share it with all the readers of Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy, so that you, too, could have the opportunity to join what is supposed to be a reputable and profitable survey panel.  So, here is the link for signing up:

PineCone Research Sign-Up Page

Please be aware, this link may only be working for a short time, so sign up now while you can.  I recently asked on the Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy Facebook page if any of you were members, but unfortunately, I did not get any responses.  So, if you are not a member, I want to offer you the opportunity that I was so eager to have.

We’ll see if I get chosen, but for now, I am just pleased to have been given the chance.

To find out more information about PineCone Research, I would recommend that you check out their website or read this web page from someone who is currently a member and features the sign-up ads/links on their website: .

Happy survey taking to you!

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